Our Industry

The Role of DFA members

The first supermarket to sell road fuels was Tesco who had a forecourt in 1972. Since then other grocery supermarkets have entered the market and the Co-op, Morrisons and Sainsbury now all have a large number of sites. The current number of supermarket sites is over 1,300 up from c 1,000 in 2000 and just 380 in 1991. They account for 16% of the over 8,400 forecourts in the UK.

Fuel sales through their sites account for a larger percentage of the total UK sales. Together DFA members sell circa 54 million litres of road fuel each day – or 43% of the total retail fuels market.

DFA member Mabanaft is a leading international petroleum product supply company based in Hamburg. Established in the UK for over 40 years, Mabanaft, and its subsidiary B.W.O.C., supply fuels to independent distributors, retailers, supermarkets, and to the aviation and commercial / industrial sectors. It also operates an independent fuel card to support its customers.

The standards of all fuels sold are rigorously checked by DFA members and by their suppliers, and all fuels comply with the relevant standard. The DFA contributes to the setting these fuel standards.