E10 Petrol to be available at UK Forecourts from September 2021
Press Release 25 February 2021

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New labels are coming to a forecourt near you.
The Department of Transport has introduced regulations that legally require
new labelling on all fuel dispensers and nozzles in all UK filling stations
by 1st September 2019. This applies to petrol, diesel and alternative fuels.
The new labels are designed to help drivers to choose the right fuel for their vehicle.
Petrol and diesel will have new labels on the pump dispenser and on the nozzle. If you
have a new vehicle, you will also find a new label near the fuel cap indicating which
fuel the vehicle takes. Examples of the petrol and diesel fuel labels can be seen below.

Petrol is now labelled E5

Diesel is now labelled B7

There’s no need to worry or change what you do – the fuel is exactly the same. Just learn your new label to make sure you choose the right fuel every time.  More information on fuel labels and fuel can be found at:  knowyourfuel.campaign.gov.uk

The Downstream Fuel Association – or DFA – represents companies involved in both wholesale and retail activities relating to transport, aviation and heating fuel oils in the UK.

DFA members trade and source these fuels, as well as storing and selling them through a nation-wide network of over 1,300 petrol forecourts and a number of terminals. Each week the DFA members sell over 260 million litres of fuel and serve 8.9 million cars, vans, lorries and motorbikes.

The job of the DFA is to inform its members of proposed legislation and other developments in the fuels sector and make joint representations for them to the UK Government and  to the European Commission. Also they contribute to the standards of authorities such as BSi and CEN.

DFA members together have a substantial share of the UK road fuel market.